Friday, October 3, 2008

Samhain Kit & QP Freebie

I just finshed another Fall Kit. I just love Fall, we have such a beautiful colors in fall. Nature looks amazing!!! anyhow this kit comes in both size tagge and full size kit can be purchased Here or Here this kit contains 38 pieces 8 Papers (tagger 700x700) (Full 3600x3600) 30 elements 2 beaded wire string 2 bows 3 butterflies 3 glitter doodles 3 fasteners 2 flowers 1 frame 1 journal 2 maple leaves 3 ribbons (variety) 1 rope 1 rusted staple 2 sunflowers 1 cardboard tag 1 cardboard tag with string 1 rusted brad 1 Autumn clipart sticker
now here is freebie for you all this quick page comes in two size Full Size Here Tagger Size Here